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First holiday with your baby

First holiday trip with your baby is about to start. It is going to be a great experience but also a challenge which will test your patience, organizational skills and even your imagination. Traveling with babies and kids is not easy and the key for success is to be ready for the unexpected.

The first thing to consider is choosing a suitable destination. Not all places are...


Top 3 best plush toys for your baby

Plush toys are not just toys! Although it seems a game, cuddly toys has an important mission to fulfill in the development of a baby. Many psychologists talk about their role as a transitional object, to alleviate the feeling of abandonment by the lack of the continued presence of mom and dad, which after 6 months may or should not be continued.


The first visit to the pediatrician

When the baby is born, at the same hospital where the mother and son remain before leaving, a pediatrician usually makes a general examination to check that everything is correct.

Furthermore, an audition test is performed to verify that the baby hears correctly, and the “heel test” where some blood is extracted for analysis and rule out diseases and more serious...


The 3 best-selling car seats

One of the most important accessories for your baby’s safety is the car seat. Indispensable for any travel, you need a seat that is easy to assemble, comfortable for your baby, but above all, safe.

But how do we choose a car seat? All brands offer a wide variety of car seats, among which one is sure to find the one that suits his tastes, but if you want to see what the ...


The 3 porridge and cereal English moms prefer

Feeding a baby is always at first a source of healthy concern for moms and dads. When should I start giving him baby food or porridge? What cereals are the most appropriate? What flavors should I choose? We always end up using the advice of more experienced friends, forums, our knowledge of the brands...

When buying porridge and cereal, we recommend that you listen to your...