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Portale tubs for babies: summer bath everywhere

Babies really enjoy bath time and specially during the summer months when we can offer to them some moments of play in safe water so they can cool down a bit without the risk of them getting a cold. If we want our son a bathtub also available in our travels and in our leisure time during the summer then we need a portable bath.


Home accessories for baby

When the baby is at home he should be as comfortable as possible and we will help him with all kinds of accessories.

Have you thought about a fun hammock? It is one of the perfect accessories to leave the baby when he is not in the cradle and still can’t sit or walk on the ground. Hammocks, with its pendulum effect, often have different positions, so it can be more or less...


Any gift ideas for a new born?

The arrival of a baby is always a joyous occasion. Family and friends want to participate and generally show their enthusiasm. Making the right choice for the birth gift is not always easy, and parents often end up with several identical gifts. Don’t be afraid to ask, be creative and have a closer look will save you money and help the new parents!


Bath toys: it's not just about playing

The bathing hour is special for you and your baby because it is the perfect moment to get in contact, to laugh, to discover and to play. It's one of the most desired moments of the day which parents and their children use to share and during some time stress and problems are forgotten just to dedicate ourselves to the body and the soul of our baby.


Baby travel accessories

Having children does not mean giving up travelling. If you organize well you can enjoy this hobby with your baby. Just think ahead and have patience in case something does not go as expected. Travel will help you get away from daily routine it and offers new stimuli to your child.


How to choose your baby stroller

Choosing a stroller is one of the most important decisions we have to make before the baby arrives. The wide variety of models and brands can be overwhelming but if we follow some basic tips everything will be easier. We should not think only about our baby, even if it’s the most important. You have to take into account your own health and comfort as well.