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The 10 best solid foods to start with

From 6 to 8 months old your baby can start eating pureed or creamy food to gradually start the solid diet. Between 8 and 10 months old you can begin to add small pieces of food to finish the transition to solid food 2 or 4 months later. (1 year old). But remember that you're the only one who can decide when to start that transition. Breast feeding may last longer as it provides...


The importance of vaccination

You only have to go a few decades back in time to reckon the importance of vaccination, most of all for health reasons of the more sensitive members of society as babies in the early stages of their development.

Nowadays infant mortality rates don't have anything to do with the reasons for vaccinating a baby. Originally vaccination was invented in the Oriental part of the...


Pushchairs that adapt to the baby

It is one of the first things we have to buy before the baby's birth and apart from the crib, the most important one.

The pushchair is the transport item during a long time and therefore before buying we should consider some important facts. We can ask specialists of the sector for advice or already experienced parents that can tell us about their experiences.

A push...


The baby in its second month

One of the hardest times for the parents has already started. Once the baby is two months old, it has already become familiar with home and parents got used to its routine. Although it is still early, it will be great if the baby already had established hours: like when to eat, when to sleep, when to take it for a walk...

The baby is still very small and fragile and will...


How to choose a pushchair?

Choosing a push chair is one of the most important decisions we have to take before our baby is born. The big variety of models and brands can result annoying but if we follow some basic rules everything will be easier. We shouldn't just think about our child, because although it is important, our health and comfort play a big role when buying a push chair.

A fundamental...


Baby showers - a party with gifts

Are you pregnant or do you have a close friend who is expecting a baby? Although pregnancy can result painful to some women, it is one of the periods in your life you won't forget for sure. To avoid unncessary stress once the baby is born and to be well prepared, the best thing to do is to buy baby material in advance.

If you panic just with the thought of keeping so many...