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How to choose a bath tub for your baby?

We parents know that the moment of having a bath is a special one. More than just being necessary for the hygiene, having a bath can convert itself into a ritual full of games and cuddling, with plenty of  stimulations. That's why choosing the right bath tub is so important to feel secure and to transmit that security to our baby as well. ...


Ideas for gifts for a baby

The birth of a baby is always a reason for happiness. As familiy members or friends we want to be part of that happiness and normally we express our joy about the birth with gifts. It's not always easy to find the right one and it happens that parents receive many similar gifts. Asking, being creative and looking around can help us saving a lot of money.

If you feel like...


How to control the alimentation during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the periods in life with the most mental and physical changes during which alimentation is highly important. You have to get prepared for the baby, right?

With the goal of not gaining too much weight, we have to watch out for our alimentation more than we usually do and if necessary consult a doctor. Many women during pregnancy ask an expert nutritionist...


How to stop breast-feeding?

Breast-feeding is the best option to feed our baby but it is suggested not to do it for longer than six months although it can sometimes result quite complicated. When we stop breastfeeding our baby, many doubts arise and stopping it in an incorrect way can lead to problems.

The first thing to keep in mind is to think that it is a progressive process which has to be taken...


The to-do list for the baby

The date is coming closer. Soon our baby will be born and we would like to know what it needs to guarantee its well-being.  For not having to hurry up in the last minute it is better to anticipate and get some things prepared about one month before the predicted date of birth.

During its first days of life it will usually be in hospital, therefore it will only need a few...


How to have a perfect Christmas party even when pregnant?

Being pregnant at Christmas time may cause problems to some women. They might feel embarassed and  fat as Santa Claus. While every one is getting stylish for the big Christmas party they might just get upset about clothes that don't fit anymore. Lots of questions run through their heads, as what products to buy for their future babies and which baby feeding or hygiene and...


How can we adopt a child from abroad?

Giving birth to a baby is an exciting life event and many young couples can't wait to have their own children. But what happens if a couple out of different reasons cannot have children? First of all, it shouldn't be a reason for worrying because nowadays artificial insemination is more frequent than 10 years ago. On the other hand, there is always the possibility of adopting a...


The best positions for breastfeeding a baby

The topic of breastfeeding is concerning a lot of young women who have become mums for the first time. There are many questions running through their heads as how many times they should breastfeed or which position ist the best for doing it. Another important thing to keep in mind is to think about the right accessories that are important for the baby's hygiene and health.



What to think about when choosing a nursery school

Choosing a nursery school for your child may result as  complicated as choosing the right crib for a baby or the right clothing and footwear. In many cases parents out of work reasons don't haver other choice than taking their child to  a nursery school. Of course one of the most frequent questions they ask themselves is in which  one  they should enroll their child....


When two babies are born...Facts about twins

When you are thinking about the word pregnancy, you usually associate it with a woman carrying a baby to whom she will give birth after 9 months. But what happens if instead of one, she is giving birth to two small and in some cases identical creatures? Some may panic, others may shout out loud in happiness. Anyway, we have to recognize that twins are not that common. Speaking...