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Persons you can leave your baby at

After 16 weeks of pregnancy permission you have to get back to work and leave the baby in  the hands of others. Many of us start to worry from the moment of pregnancy and although it seems far away, the moment will come. Finding a good solution will make us more secure from the time we will have to separate from our child.

Many parents refer to the grand parents, uncles or...


We are pregnant. What is the first thing to keep in mind?

Since you first found out that you are pregnant, you start thinking about the necessities of the baby. The idea that your baby will only have the things you give to him might be frightening. There is a large market dedicated to babies with thousands of different products but you have to keep calm and think that you will not need everything.


The most important thing is...


The packing list for the hospital

We are so nervous waiting for the moment in which our baby will be born that sometimes we don't have time to think about what to take to the hospital for the newborn.

Usually when we plan a few weeks before admission, the medical center will give us a list of what we have to bring. Something that they will also give us -in the event that we do- in the childbirth...


A baby during its first month

Once the parents have gone out of hospital with the recently born baby in their arms, a new fascinating life will begin for them which will completely change the daily tasks of each family member.

During the first month the baby is really small and will be sleeping most of the time, it will only  wake up to ask for food or if it feels cold or hot or has any other worry,...


Choosing the baby's crib and mini crib

This is one of the first things to buy before the baby is born, and it's essential during the first years of life, since the baby will be more in the crib than anywhere else.

Mini cribs

They are very practical, manageable and comfortable. Being smaller, the baby will be more protected in the early months. We recommend buying a mini crib with wheels. If you like DIY and...


Signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Some women know from the beginning that they are pregnant and others spend months and they do not even realize. There are certain symptoms that explain that a woman is expectant a baby. Take note.

Absence of period. It's one of the first causes, but it can happen that we had a hormonal problem and menstruation does not come for some other reason. We will ...


The weight in pregnancy

One of the issues that most concern women from the time they know they are pregnant is how their body will change from now.

And with it, the weight, since some women almost do not gain weight in nine months of pregnancy, while others can exceed 20 extra kilos.

The most typical situation is to gain between 10 and 15 kilos, but it all depends on the constitution,...


Preparing the Room

From the moment that parents know they are pregnant will dream of how their baby's room will be. It's something that, although some mothers want to organize it from the beginning, is best done during the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

It's at this time when we know for sure if we expect a boy or a girl, and we can choose better the colors, furniture and ...


Taking care after birth

Every woman is different, the same way that every pregnancy and childbirth. Some just don't get fat during the nine months and others see how their body has changed. After birth, the body is a bit sore and needs extreme care to, little by little, be the same as before soon.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, it must always be hydrated and maintained in order to take care...


We are parents... And now what? First tips

We leave the hospital with our son in arms, we have received thousands of tips on what we should and should not do, but with so many emotions, we are virtually blank. But we don't care because we have our baby after nine months of eternal waiting.

Many parents feel excited and at the same time, somewhat disoriented during the early days when they become parents. From...