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Advantages of the hammocks

 TAGS:Babies are curious beings and as parents we have the obligation to foment that curiosity offering them different stimulations through games and new perspectives. The best option to obtain it from the beginning and in a secure way are hammocks. They are an imprescindible element for the new born at home.

Hammocks allow the parents to keep their children in an adequate position from which they can observe the surroundings which is not possible from small cribs. The baby will also integrate better into family life. Babies are happy with that position change and use to stay calm.

Many parents allow their children to sleep the daily siestas  in the hammock, because the light swinging which many offer, as Balance of Baby Björn, make this accessory a nice place for sleeping. There are even models that imitate the movement that the baby was experiencing when it was in the mother's belly.

Hammocks for babies are also the best solution against reflux problems many new borns experience. After giving them the baby bottle or the breast they should adopt an upright position to avoid that aliments come up through the oesophagus.

Some of the hammocks on the market have incorporated games in order that the kids can discover new things. Ideally they should have the option to take them off or put them on when we wish to do that. The hammock Fold of Jané has an arch with soft teddies that you can take off so that the baby can play with them separately. It's especially useful when the kid is older and doesn't stay in the hammock the whole day.

We can find simple hammocks as well as more sophisticated ones. You have to choose them depending on the space available and your budget. Cheaper ones without too many extras are the ones of Koelstra. If we are looking for hammocks with lights and sounds, a good option is the I-feel hammock of Chicco.

 Should we recommend you some? These are two of the best ones for the best price:

 TAGS:Hammock blue cobalt KoelstraHammock blue cobalt Koelstra

Hammock blue cobalt Koelstra is light and compact.


 TAGS:Fisher-price Hammock Fisher Price Crece Conmigo blueFisher-price Hammock Fisher Price Crece Conmigo blue

Fisher-price Hammock Fisher Price Crece Conmigo blue with toys to play.

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