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Any gift ideas for a new born?

 TAGS:The arrival of a baby is always a joyous occasion. Family and friends want to participate and generally show their enthusiasm. Making the right choice for the birth gift is not always easy, and parents often end up with several identical gifts. Don’t be afraid to ask, be creative and have a closer look will save you money and help the new parents!

If you want to buy clothes and baby shoes for his arriving at the hospital, keep in mind that the parents or close family already took care of it. If this is what really interests you, look for an original body. We never have too many of them! Buy a cotton one and compare prices.

Buy clothes for 3 to 6 months seems to be a better idea. Parents are often overwhelmed with clothes that do not fit their child only a few months or even weeks after purchase. Do not forget to think about the right season!

The same goes for stuffed animals and toys. The newborn should not be surrounded by toys, it is not healthy and he will find no interest anyway. But you can buy something for later. Especially observe the appropriate standards according to his age.

Practical gifts are often the best, especially when they are more original! There is for example a towel that hangs around the neck to take baby out of the bath while having a free hand to dry him. The Cuddle Dry brand are extremely practical and the fabric is great, but they are a little hard to find and a bit expensive.

But if you want to be sure not to be wrong, bet on diapers and wipes. It may seems to be an easy one, but it is perhaps the most useful gift for new parents who are not living high on the hog. Dodot offers several packages of diapers and wipes for the first, second or third month that can be purchased online. There are also "cake" layers, ideal for a group gift.

Thermometers are also very useful. An infrared thermometer, which can take baby's temperature without waking him, will be particularly appreciated.

Need more ideas? Here are tips from Babibum:

 TAGS:Dou Dou Caracol Egmont ToysDou Dou Caracol Egmont Toys

Dou Dou Caracol Egmont Toys



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Pirates Lock and Sock Haba

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