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Babibum contractions are starting...

When you are a father/mother, you realize that you wants the best for your baby and what that really means. The best product, the best brand, the one which provides more safety, buying the product which all our friends and family recommend to us... and with the best price, of course. These are more or less the things we all look for.

Therefore, and because it is difficult today to find the baby store you need to have everything -absolutely everything- within easy reach, Babibum is born. To help, to advise, to give the best fit for your baby and for the mother, which also needs (a lot) to be cared.


And why this name? Baby boom is the expression that arises after the Second World War as a population explosion. Not that we are now these levels of growth, but from here we encourage the promotion of a culture and a wave of births. Here at Verticomm Network we don't stop, because many of us have been or will be parents or mothers this year (some for the first time). And Babibum is just the reflection of the team.

Babibum is our 3rd store (marketplace, in Internet jargon) after Uvinum and Sportivic, and it's the ideal place for the purchase of any product for mothers and babies. You'll find everything: diapers, nutrition, care, strollers, toys, clothes, etc.. As always, we aim to be the No. 1 in our available catalog at unique prices. Find the best brands on the market, and those that are less good too, because there is always curiosities and new stuff to discover.

In Babibum we will deal with all the love the child or baby care. Feedback of consumers and specialists, price comparisons among the best suppliers in the market and product search to find what you need at the best price and have it within 48 hours at home. That is our goal, that is Babibum.

The countdown begins... Babibum's birth is coming... There are only a few weeks for a BIG new adventure to start.

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