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Babies are viral

 TAGS:It's no secret that babies are adored by all. (Or at least most of us). This is the reason why Evian, one of the most popular mineral waters in the world, chose the babies as the focus  of their promotional campaigns.

The promotional campaign video is called Baby & Me and has reached 40 million views on YouTube. Almost the population of Spain, this amount is impressive and continues to go up. In the video you can see a man walking down the street and stopping in front of a mirror on the way, in order to get ready. He then is stunned to see a baby reflected in the mirror instead of himself. The baby immediately starts to execute all kinds of dancing steps. Others choose to imitate him, and start to dance too.

Evian's slogan is "Live Young". This is not the first promotional video in which babies are the basis of the campaign. On the contrary, Evian managed to link the image of the baby to its brand name. Other popular Evian's campaign videos were "Water Babies" in 1998, the "Roller Babies" in 2008 and "Baby Inside" in 2011.

Reading a description of the add is not sufficient, and you have to see it to believe it. The realism of the video might be one of the reason of its success. But, it most likely comes from the fame of the babies all over the world.

Is the brand using the babies' image in order to sell? Transforming them into a market tool ? Or on the contrary is it a genuine and spontaneous inspiration? What is your opinion on that? Anyway, today we recommend these products:

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We always use babies in our adverts, for obvious reasons! It's great to see more companies getting involved :)
Baby Joy Gifts Baby Joy Gifts 04/06/2014 at 11:46

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