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Baby carriers on the market

 TAGS:The feeling of carrying your baby next to you, having it protected and being able to look at its eyes and seeing that it looks at you is a great feeling. Experts recommend it because the contact between babies and parents helps the baby to relax better and to feel more comfortable. To obtain this an important accessory is a baby carrier.

There are various types of baby carriers starting from the classic backpack until the ones  that have a bigger variety and the babyholders. Backpacks are the most extended ones and also the ones of which you will find the biggest variety on the market. They can be used from the birth of the baby, some adapt to the baby's growth, adding accessories or changing the position for carrying the baby. The ones of Babybjörn are the completest ones.

One of the aspects that have to be taken into consideration is the security and therefore it is recommended to buy known brands, because we will place the delicate shoulder of the baby into it and ours as well. A good position and extra accessories for the head will make the backpack more secure.

There are even backpacks with connection to our mp3 player or for bigger kids if we want to take them with us, for example on a trip in the wood. We can also choose them in different colours and they are washable.

If we want to breastfeed the baby in a discrete and comfortable way, in addition to taking a walk, the best option are foulards or pouches. Foulards have the advantage that they are more adaptbale and more beautiful and although they may not seem so secure to us like pouches, they are and the baby will feel comfortable and protected near his mother's breast.

Pouches are a medium between backpacks and foulards. The baby will be lying and the adult will carry the weight on one shoulder and one hip but in this case the position is not adaptable but unique which transmits the parents more security. The texture uses to be thicker than the one of the foulard.

There are other types of baby carriers as well as foulards with rings or japanese ones. You will be right when choosing the one that seems more comfortable and functional and for sure you won't regret it and your baby will be happy with the closeness these baby carriers make possible.

Backpack babyholder Babybjörn Original Classic black stripes

Backpack babyholder Babybjörn Original Spirit pink

Should we take a walk with the baby? We recommend you 2 fantastic baby carriers:

 TAGS:Backpack babyholder Babybjörn Original Classic black stripesBackpack babyholder Babybjörn Original Classic black stripes

Backpack babyholder Babybjörn Original Classic black stripes



 TAGS:Backpack babyholder Babybjörn Original Spirit pinkBackpack babyholder Babybjörn Original Spirit pink

Backpack babyholder Babybjörn Original Spirit pink

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