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A baby during its first month


Once the parents have gone out of hospital with the recently born baby in their arms, a new fascinating life will begin for them which will completely change the daily tasks of each family member.

During the first month the baby is really small and will be sleeping most of the time, it will only  wake up to ask for food or if it feels cold or hot or has any other worry, as for example from the colics which are frequent in babies during the first months.

It could be that in this period we will feel like protecting our baby in an excessive way, we will direct  all our affection towards the baby and will cover it with too many sheets which could also be exagerated. A good thing to do is to take the baby for a walk in a pushchair which we will have bought for that purpose.

If it's really hot outside we will protect it from the sun and if it's cold we will try not to spend too much time outside and will dress it with winter clothes. During that time they will  suffer more from the cold than normally but afterwards they will feel the same temperature as any adult person.

During this first month the baby still doesn't see well and is not able to focus neither on objects nor  on persons although slowly it will be able to see closely and will get familiar with its parents noticing their warmth, their voice and their smell. It is still not able to smile but some parents might misunderstand the smile of the baby which is called fake smile, a smile which it usually does before sleeping.

Their feces will have a light brown colour, which can be almost mustard and might  be liquid. Sometimes they can assume a green colour but it's not an alarm signal as the intestinal flora is changing. If the colour is really dark, almost black or with blood in it we should consider a visit at our paediatrician, although it could still be something normal.

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