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Baby showers - a party with gifts

 TAGS:Are you pregnant or do you have a close friend who is expecting a baby? Although pregnancy can result painful to some women, it is one of the periods in your life you won't forget for sure. To avoid unncessary stress once the baby is born and to be well prepared, the best thing to do is to buy baby material in advance.

If you panic just with the thought of keeping so many things in your mind, then you should really think about organizing a baby shower. You have no clue about what a baby shower is all about? No problem, in this post I will try to explain you.

The concept of baby shower was invented in the United States and it actually refers to a party in which the guests give presents to the pregnant woman. The interesting thing about it is that it is held about two months before the baby is born and the woman is literally "showered" with gifts. In some cases the guests attending those parties are women only, mostly  friends of the pregnant girl and the decoration of the house should be as kitschy as possible with balloons all over the house and blue or rose flags according to the baby's sex.

Nowadays it's not so strict anymore, and even men and other family members are allowed to take part. It's all about having fun, eating cake and laughing. And of course about presents. They should be as creative and original as possible but useful at the same time.

Have you been invited to a baby shower and you have no idea of what to gift?

These are some ideas that can be helpful:

- If you don't want to spend to much money but make a good impression then a nappy cake is the perfect solution for you. It's easier to prepare than a real cake and it will stay fresh until the baby is born. With these short instructions nothing can go wrong:

- Intercoms are a good idea for presents because they will reassure nervous moms and dads. These gadgets have become more and more sophisticated and some models can pick up a baby's breaths within a range of 600 feet or more. They're particularly comforting for parents whose baby is sleeping in another room. There are even video monitors, which let parents see as well as hear their baby.

- Buying clothes for the baby is never a bad idea but only in case you know the sex of the baby. If not you could make a bad impression when buying a flower dress for a boy.

Looking for some presents? I suggest you two products loved by moms:

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Set sheets cradle 70 Cambrass 119, to make good impression.





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Intercomm Digimonitor 7" Miniland Baby, for having your baby always under control.

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