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Baby travel accessories

 TAGS:Having children does not mean giving up travelling. If you organize well you can enjoy this hobby with your baby. Just think ahead and have patience in case something does not go as expected. Travel will help you get away from daily routine it and offers new stimuli to your child.

The first thing to do is to prepare a list of essentials. Do not forget to add his favorite doll and some soothers. Always carry some warm clothes and a cooler one if the weather changes. You also cannot forget the umbrella for the stroller and the plastic rain protection.

Get a small vanity case and prepare a first aid kit. Put some gauze and a thermometer. Something else will be handy: saline and rods. Bring diapers and everything you need to feed your baby.

If you travel by car you will be seeking to have everything well organized to avoid risks. It is essential to comply with safety regulations and carry the baby in his car seat accordingly. For more comfort, especially in summer, it is interesting to have a cover for the chair. In addition, there are some organizers that hang from the seat and have pockets. So you can have the toys collected.

Do not forget that, although we are away from home, we have to give our baby a proper rest. Find a stable and secure travel cot. It will be perfect if it does not take too much space. The ideal would be a good mattress that folds so that we can carry it comfortably.

When the baby already knows how to sit and hold head well it is handy to bring portable high chairs. There are many models to choose and most of it fit almost any chair. So if we are going to eat at a restaurant we won’t have to worry about where to place the child.

There is a supplement that I personally love:  The Mommy Hook, a harness that hangs from the stroller and allows you to hang shopping bags. So we saved the discomfort of pushing the stroller while carrying several bags in hand. Just do not carry too much weight or the stroller may lose equilibrium.

In order to avoid useless scary moment, buy a few bracelets in which you write your phone number in case the child is lost. If you lose sight of him it will be much easier to locate you.

Are we going on a trip? We recommend two cheap and extremely useful accessories:

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The Mommy Hook

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