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Bath toys: it's not just about playing

 TAGS:The bathing hour is special for you and your baby because it is the perfect moment to get in contact, to laugh, to discover and to play. It's one of the most desired moments of the day which parents and their children use to share and during some time stress and problems are forgotten just to dedicate ourselves to the body and the soul of our baby.

Our kid uses to be particularly receptive in that moment and one has to take use of that to stimulate him during playing. Bath toys are the ideal accessory for that purpose.

Playing in the bath tub is really amusing for our babies, it will make them more confident and will help them to enjoy the water. Introducing a game could turn out to be the best option for the parents because it distracts the kid and for the kids it is even better because it makes them learn new things and it is funny and educational.

The first thing we can do is to choose toys of different weaves. On the market you will find toys made of hard plastic and of foam. This will make our kid learn that different materials react in a different way to the contact with water. Bath toys of Trap are made of foam and they have simple forms and stimulating colours.

Another good idea is choosing a mitten to clean our baby and to play with it at the same time. We can tell it a story and caress its shoulder while cleaning it. Just a little bit of fantasy and the whole family will spend an awesome time. When our baby grows up the bath toys he will like the most will be the ones he can use by himself and will figure out some interesting stories with them. There are even some with magnets that they can stick on the wall and who won't fall into the water, unless the baby wants it, of course.

If we want we can also choose toys that will help them to developp capacities as scoring a basket or throwing rings. The brand Boon offers funny options, as well as the usual ducks in many colours and with new prints.

In addition we can educate our baby making use of the bath and asking it to collect the toys in the end. For that purpose there are various containers in different forms, also in the form of animals that can be fixed onto the wall.

Beside that we have to take into consideration the security factor, never use toys with small parts and buy those suitable to the age of the kid. We have to make sure that they are free of toxic materials as Bisphenol A.

Should we recommend you bath toys? Here you can find two that your kid will like a lot.

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