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Bath toys: not just a game


Bath time is special for your baby and you. It is a great moment to have contact, to laugh, to discover and play. It is one of the most anticipated moments of the day that parents and children share. For a few minutes everyone forgets the stress and problems to devote body and soul to the baby. The baby is particularly receptive and it’s important to use this particular moment to stimulate him through the game. Bath toys are the perfect complement.

Playing in the bathroom is great fun for our babies. It will help them to be more confident and enjoy the water. For parents, introducing the game is clever because it distracts the child. For children it is even better because it is entertaining and educational. It gives them the opportunity to learn new things.

The first thing to do is to choose toys of different textures. In the market there are hard plastic toys and foam. This will make our child observe that different materials will respond differently to the contact with water. The Trap bath toys have simple shapes and stimulating colors.

Another good option is to choose a fun washcloth to play and clean the baby at the same time. A good dose of imagination and the whole family can have a great time. When our baby is a little older, his favorite bath toys will be those he can handle and invent stories with.

If we want we can also choose games that help them develop skills like scoring or hit the underwire. The Boon brand offers fun proposals like the classic ducks reinvented with bright colors and innovative prints.

We can also educate the baby during the bath. For example, make him help you pick up the toys when you have to leave. For this there are toys containers in many shapes, even simulating animals that can be hooked to the wall for an easy access.

We must also take into account safety, never use toys with small parts and always buy the one that are adapted to the child's age. Always be sure that they are free of toxins such as Bisphenol A.

Need bath toy recommendation? Here are two that will delight your little one:

 TAGS:Figure splashing Haba FrogFigure splashing Haba Frog

Figure splashing Haba Frog



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Haba Pirate Towel

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