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Breastfeeding Vs infant formula

 TAGS:Much has been said in recent years about the benefits of breastfeeding as a basis for baby feeding. The truth is that if there is a return to tradition, there are currently artificial milks which concentrate all the properties and nutrients children need to grow properly.

Breast milk is good for your immune system. WHO recommended it during the first months of life. However, there are some discomforts for the mother, and sometimes pain in the chest sometimes, as the problem of working mother that can’t stay all day long with the baby. Mothers who want or need to choose infant formula should know that it can provide everything your baby needs.

In addition, breast milk cannot be calculated when the baby eats. However, breastfeeding is an experience that allows you to connect directly with your baby and establish a lasting bond between the child and his mother.

Another advantage of breastfeeding is its convenience. Mothers can breastfeed anytime and anywhere provided they have no shame in doing so. With artificial milk, parents should prepare several bottles every day and take it with them when they are away from home.

The advantage of the bottle is that we know exactly what the child eats and you can control  the steady increase of doses. If the baby is breastfed, it might be difficult to use the bottle, but it depends on each child. Another advantage is that the father or a trusted third party can give food to the child, leaving a bit of freedom to the mother.

In any case, how to feed the baby in the first month is a personal choice that is usually determined according to the needs and desires.

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