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Celebrating our first Mother's Day

 TAGS:If you are a new mom, surely this year you will celebrate your first Mother's Day. A totally special date, which remembers you're a mother and that you must give all the love to your children but, at the same time, you have a great responsibility ahead.

Normally, this day is usually celebrated with your family and child. We can make a getaway trip, go to the park, visit the city or maybe have a party to celebrate in style this first Mother's Day. 

In addition, we give some gift ideas for the day, both for the mother and the baby. The priority is all that is needed from now (new baby clothes, child care accessories and even furniture to finish decorating the baby's room, if we haven't already).

Parents and family can surprise the mother with gift baskets where nothing is missing or instructional books and DVDs with explanations of the various stages of child development. They are ideal to know what to do every month and every year, and help you being a good mother in every way. 

Bags are among the most practical gifts for this day, both for travel or for daily use. These can carry all the essentials for our baby. They usually have various sizes, many zippers to keep everything neat, an innovative design and resistant materials. In turn, the lactation cushions and pillows are great to facilitate breast feeding the baby in the best way. 

After pregnancy, the woman's body is not the same as before. We can reaffirm and treat it with some cosmetics. In this case, for Mother's Day, you can give yourself creams and lotions because nobody knows your body better. Moisturizing creams, stretch mark lotions, body milks, firming creams...

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