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Choosing the baby's crib and mini crib

 TAGS:This is one of the first things to buy before the baby is born, and it's essential during the first years of life, since the baby will be more in the crib than anywhere else.

Mini cribs

They are very practical, manageable and comfortable. Being smaller, the baby will be more protected in the early months. We recommend buying a mini crib with wheels. If you like DIY and you're a handyman/woman, you can add the wheels yourself. It's a great way to monitor the baby, since the mini crib is easily transported wherever you want in the house.

It's better that the newborn is near to mom and dad during the first few months, so the mini crib is the best option because could get in the bedroom. We could care for our baby immediately when he cries and calls for food.

To complement we will need special mini crib accessories: sheets, quilts, duvets, pillows... not produced as many as for regular cribs, so if you find the necessary supplements buy two pairs.


In this case, we can also purchase them with wheels but is not as necessary since the crib usually stays fixed in the room intended for the baby. To be proactive, buy a crib usable when the child will be a bit older.

Beech wood has a different touch and higher quality. We will try to complement the crib with the rest of the room, in white, dark or light brown wood...

It must be placed in a cool place in the room, because it's where more time the baby is going to stay. If the room has a window, it's best not to place the crib just below it, nor under the shelves which we'll use for plush toys and other utensils.

The supplements for cribs are colorful, but don't go mad with colors because they often become tiresome. Besides the sheets and duvets, we will get a crib protector (that surrounds the inside) so that the child don't kick and hurt himself.

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