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Baby in Babibum's blog


Twins, double satisfaction

It is common to hear newlyweds to comment on the day they will have a baby and more, expressing their desire to have two to fill the spaces in the family that they want to start building. Well this time we will talk about the happy parents who have been doubly fortunate and wait for the arrival of twins.


Bath toys: not just a game

Bath time is special for your baby and you. It is a great moment to have contact, to laugh, to discover and play. It is one of the most anticipated moments of the day that parents and children share. For a few minutes everyone forgets the stress and problems to devote body and soul to the baby. The baby is particularly receptive and it’s important to use this particular ...


Infant feeding accessories

Your baby is growing and will need many more infant feeding accessories. Porridge and increasingly robust foods are introduced in his daily diet, which is not only made of breast milk and formula anymore.

Do you have thousands of pieces to wash bottles? Teats, accessories, cleaners ... sure that the kitchen has become a place full of pieces everywhere. To keep order,...


Top 3 best plush toys for your baby

Plush toys are not just toys! Although it seems a game, cuddly toys has an important mission to fulfill in the development of a baby. Many psychologists talk about their role as a transitional object, to alleviate the feeling of abandonment by the lack of the continued presence of mom and dad, which after 6 months may or should not be continued.


The first visit to the pediatrician

When the baby is born, at the same hospital where the mother and son remain before leaving, a pediatrician usually makes a general examination to check that everything is correct.

Furthermore, an audition test is performed to verify that the baby hears correctly, and the “heel test” where some blood is extracted for analysis and rule out diseases and more serious...


Home accessories for baby

When the baby is at home he should be as comfortable as possible and we will help him with all kinds of accessories.

Have you thought about a fun hammock? It is one of the perfect accessories to leave the baby when he is not in the cradle and still can’t sit or walk on the ground. Hammocks, with its pendulum effect, often have different positions, so it can be more or less...