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Teethers, the best support for a correct dentition


Teethers are true allies for the teeth of your baby. They soothe their sore gums and also help to accelerate the growth of their first teeth, a moment that can be uncomfortable and painful as long as they do not have the accessories needed to relieve the pain.

Some teethers on Babibum:

Nuby Bitering musical: Ideal for helping baby make his first tooth and...


How to choose a pushchair?

Choosing a push chair is one of the most important decisions we have to take before our baby is born. The big variety of models and brands can result annoying but if we follow some basic rules everything will be easier. We shouldn't just think about our child, because although it is important, our health and comfort play a big role when buying a push chair.

A fundamental...


What to do when your baby is crawling out of the crib?

If your baby is now in this period of life in which it is trying to jump out of the crib

it's normal that you as a parent will worry. Especially at night you will feel afraid and wonder if everything's alright. In this post I want to give you more information about the topic that is more common than supposed and there are some things you should keep in mind.

First of...


How to achieve a sleeping routine of our baby?

Sleeping is as important as the alimentation for the baby. But it can be somehow difficult to teach a new born when sleeping time has arrived and that it has to rest. Many parents become desperate about the rejection of sleep from the side of the babies and they don't know how to solve the problem.

Establishing some guide lines for sleeping time is fundamental. The baby will...


Baby carriers on the market

The feeling of carrying your baby next to you, having it protected and being able to look at its eyes and seeing that it looks at you is a great feeling. Experts recommend it because the contact between babies and parents helps the baby to relax better and to feel more comfortable. To obtain this an important accessory is a baby carrier.

There are various types of baby ...


Advantages of the hammocks

Babies are curious beings and as parents we have the obligation to foment that curiosity offering them different stimulations through games and new perspectives. The best option to obtain it from the beginning and in a secure way are hammocks. They are an imprescindible element for the new born at home.

Hammocks allow the parents to keep their children in an adequate...