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Crib in Babibum's blog


Pushchairs that adapt to the baby

It is one of the first things we have to buy before the baby's birth and apart from the crib, the most important one.

The pushchair is the transport item during a long time and therefore before buying we should consider some important facts. We can ask specialists of the sector for advice or already experienced parents that can tell us about their experiences.

A push...


What to do when your baby is crawling out of the crib?

If your baby is now in this period of life in which it is trying to jump out of the crib

it's normal that you as a parent will worry. Especially at night you will feel afraid and wonder if everything's alright. In this post I want to give you more information about the topic that is more common than supposed and there are some things you should keep in mind.

First of...


Choosing the baby's crib and mini crib

This is one of the first things to buy before the baby is born, and it's essential during the first years of life, since the baby will be more in the crib than anywhere else.

Mini cribs

They are very practical, manageable and comfortable. Being smaller, the baby will be more protected in the early months. We recommend buying a mini crib with wheels. If you like DIY and...


Preparing the Room

From the moment that parents know they are pregnant will dream of how their baby's room will be. It's something that, although some mothers want to organize it from the beginning, is best done during the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

It's at this time when we know for sure if we expect a boy or a girl, and we can choose better the colors, furniture and ...