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Feeding Bottle in Babibum's blog


False myths of pregnancy (II)

Often, when a woman is pregnant of her first baby there are all sorts of false beliefs and opinions that are not entirely true. The pregnancy myths condition many women so that they do live a pregnancy more complicated than normal. Let's have a look at the most popular myths but, above all, we can always ask our obstetrician and midwife to give us the right answers about what...


The 10 best solid foods to start with

From 6 to 8 months old your baby can start eating pureed or creamy food to gradually start the solid diet. Between 8 and 10 months old you can begin to add small pieces of food to finish the transition to solid food 2 or 4 months later. (1 year old). But remember that you're the only one who can decide when to start that transition. Breast feeding may last longer as it provides...


The baby in its second month

One of the hardest times for the parents has already started. Once the baby is two months old, it has already become familiar with home and parents got used to its routine. Although it is still early, it will be great if the baby already had established hours: like when to eat, when to sleep, when to take it for a walk...

The baby is still very small and fragile and will...


Baby feeding during the first three months

Knowing if your baby is eating correctly, is something essential during the first months. The parents have to ask the pediatrician which are the necessary meals for every month because they vary a lot. They eat more and in more spread out periods.

During those months, breast milk is the only alimentation of the baby and the most recommended one. Therefore the amount cannot...


How to stop breast-feeding?

Breast-feeding is the best option to feed our baby but it is suggested not to do it for longer than six months although it can sometimes result quite complicated. When we stop breastfeeding our baby, many doubts arise and stopping it in an incorrect way can lead to problems.

The first thing to keep in mind is to think that it is a progressive process which has to be taken...