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Milk in Babibum's blog


The 3 porridge and cereal English moms prefer

Feeding a baby is always at first a source of healthy concern for moms and dads. When should I start giving him baby food or porridge? What cereals are the most appropriate? What flavors should I choose? We always end up using the advice of more experienced friends, forums, our knowledge of the brands...

When buying porridge and cereal, we recommend that you listen to your...


The 10 best solid foods to start with

From 6 to 8 months old your baby can start eating pureed or creamy food to gradually start the solid diet. Between 8 and 10 months old you can begin to add small pieces of food to finish the transition to solid food 2 or 4 months later. (1 year old). But remember that you're the only one who can decide when to start that transition. Breast feeding may last longer as it provides...


Baby feeding during the first three months

Knowing if your baby is eating correctly, is something essential during the first months. The parents have to ask the pediatrician which are the necessary meals for every month because they vary a lot. They eat more and in more spread out periods.

During those months, breast milk is the only alimentation of the baby and the most recommended one. Therefore the amount cannot...


Taking care after birth

Every woman is different, the same way that every pregnancy and childbirth. Some just don't get fat during the nine months and others see how their body has changed. After birth, the body is a bit sore and needs extreme care to, little by little, be the same as before soon.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, it must always be hydrated and maintained in order to take care...