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Parents in Babibum's blog


Teethers, the ideal complement when the gums hurt

When your baby reaches the first 4 months of life he begins to have his first baby teeth, this can last up to 3 years old. To facilitate this process teethers are a great partner to help teeth to pierce the gum faster and soothe the pain of your baby. They usually contain refrigerating gel to cool and relieve irritated gums even more.

The first teeth that erupt are usually the...


Twins, double satisfaction

It is common to hear newlyweds to comment on the day they will have a baby and more, expressing their desire to have two to fill the spaces in the family that they want to start building. Well this time we will talk about the happy parents who have been doubly fortunate and wait for the arrival of twins.


False myths of pregnancy (II)

Often, when a woman is pregnant of her first baby there are all sorts of false beliefs and opinions that are not entirely true. The pregnancy myths condition many women so that they do live a pregnancy more complicated than normal. Let's have a look at the most popular myths but, above all, we can always ask our obstetrician and midwife to give us the right answers about what...


How can we adopt a child from abroad?

Giving birth to a baby is an exciting life event and many young couples can't wait to have their own children. But what happens if a couple out of different reasons cannot have children? First of all, it shouldn't be a reason for worrying because nowadays artificial insemination is more frequent than 10 years ago. On the other hand, there is always the possibility of adopting a...


What to think about when choosing a nursery school

Choosing a nursery school for your child may result as  complicated as choosing the right crib for a baby or the right clothing and footwear. In many cases parents out of work reasons don't haver other choice than taking their child to  a nursery school. Of course one of the most frequent questions they ask themselves is in which  one  they should enroll their child....


A baby during its first month

Once the parents have gone out of hospital with the recently born baby in their arms, a new fascinating life will begin for them which will completely change the daily tasks of each family member.

During the first month the baby is really small and will be sleeping most of the time, it will only  wake up to ask for food or if it feels cold or hot or has any other worry,...