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False myths of pregnancy (II)

 TAGS:Often, when a woman is pregnant of her first baby there are all sorts of false beliefs and opinions that are not entirely true. The pregnancy myths condition many women so that they do live a pregnancy more complicated than normal. Let's have a look at the most popular myths but, above all, we can always ask our obstetrician and midwife to give us the right answers about what may or may not be done during pregnancy.

- Do not play sports; it can be bad for the development of pregnancy. It's a misconception like many others related to this aspect. In fact, exercise is recommended because it prevents back pain, relaxes the body and mind, and prepares women for childbirth. Of course, only if it is not a high risk pregnancy, women can exercise with caution.

  •  If a woman's first birth is by caesarean, the second also. Not exact, every pregnancy is different and a woman who has had her first birth cesarean is more likely to repeat but also can have a vaginal birth without any problems. It's not an exact science.
  •  TAGS:If your mother had a miscarriage yours will live the same. It is another false myth that we should not pay much attention to. Some pregnant women worry excessively about their pregnancy and believe that if their mother had a difficult time, they will also suffer. As mentioned each person is different and every pregnancy also, so that is not related.
  • On breastfeeding. There are many myths related to this topic. For example it is said that you must breastfeed every three or four hours for the child to be properly fed during the first months of life. Not true, since you initially breastfeed on demand, whenever the baby wants to eat it.
  • Pregnancy and beauty. Some women break up with their beauty routines when they become pregnant. It is said that hair dye is not beneficial for pregnancy. The truth is that there are no studies that prove that. What you do must avoid are beauty treatment or chemical hairdressing.

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