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First holiday with your baby

 TAGS:First holiday trip with your baby is about to start. It is going to be a great experience but also a challenge which will test your patience, organizational skills and even your imagination. Traveling with babies and kids is not easy and the key for success is to be ready for the unexpected.

The first thing to consider is choosing a suitable destination. Not all places are equally recommended. If this is your first time traveling with your baby you should not plan a very long stay. It would be perfect to go somewhere you already know. Remember to try to avoid extreme temperature and seek quiet places if your baby is still small.

Make sure that in your destination you can find proper medical care in case is needed and bring the necessary documentation for if there is a health problem. Note that, in summer, diarrhea and other gastric infections happen quite often like all those produced by temperature changes. Whenever I travel, before leaving, I try to find the closest hospital to the place where I will stay (you can even save its address in your GPS memory). Let´s hope that you do not have to use it but, in the worst of the cases, you'll get less nervous and you will be able to stay next to your child full time.

Make a list of things that you should not forget and remember to bring the thermometer, something warm (if your destination is usually cold) and the doll your little one uses for sleeping. You have to think things may be difficult to find or expensive when shopping at your destination. Review your list before departing and keep it with you during the trip so you can check that you bring everything back again.

Do not take too many clothes. You should not be full of things that you will certainly don’t make your baby wear. Think about your clothing choices for him lately and bring also something so he can look gorgeous on a special occasion. Choose something comfortable and easy for the trip.

Be very careful about feeding your baby. Bring all what you need to keep the food safe and always extreme hygiene measures. Remember to have water always handy (if you are still breast feeding it won´t be necessary). You can also use a water spray to cool your child during the warmest hours of the day.

Be patient and think that maybe things are not going as expected but, above all, enjoy the experience and take pictures to remember these days in the future. It will for sure be a loving memory.


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