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Five classic board games to play with your kids


The board games are a great tool to begin socializing your children. They teach them to respect the rules, be patient, enjoy the company of others, ...

From classic board games to more innovative versions, to buy board games is a way to share quality time with the kids, a lot more fun than letting them stay in front of the TV, right?

Today we recommend the five best-selling board games, to help you make your choices in order to stimulate your children with fun toys:

5. The classic

 TAGS:Cayro MarblesCayro Marbles

Cayro Marbles



 4. Ready to show them your world?

 TAGS:Peonza CayroPeonza Cayro

Peonza Cayro



3. Remember remember ...


 TAGS:Small Game Tabas CayroSmall Game Tabas Cayro

Small Game Tabas Cayro



2. The new one 

 TAGS:Ground Game Parchis Cayro 1M2Ground Game Parchis Cayro 1M2

Ground Game Parchis Cayro 1M2



1. For the entire family!

 TAGS:Giant Goose Game 1 Metro CayroGiant Goose Game 1 Metro Cayro

Giant Goose Game 1 Metro Cayro




Comments Five classic board games to play with your kids

I love board games too! Wonderfully done! Cheers!
Eve Hunt Eve Hunt 07/06/2019 at 06:30
Thank you so much for these amazing creative idea!????
I'll try all these in our farewell
Ragerds:Moses Brodin
Moses Brodin Moses Brodin 18/06/2019 at 07:49
Wow chandler can see a serious improvement from your last video looking so much better man. ????
Anyway my favourite card game is 101, similar to uno or crazy 8s or jack changes but it's a longer version.
Alisha  Ross Alisha Ross 25/06/2019 at 09:24
I met one of the creators of Battlegrounds at a gaming convention and he taught me how to play it personally. Pretty decent game. My problem with it was that the armies aren't balanced out of the box. Newer expansion armies are clearly better than the older armies.
Victoria Tegg Victoria Tegg 15/07/2019 at 07:31

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