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How and when choosing nursery

 TAGS:The nursery is one of the essential places in the baby's life where he will be some time before going to school. However, when the choice of the nursery depends on the circumstances and personal conditions of the baby and parents.

In a majority of cases, when mothers must return to work after maternity leave, child care is essential to leave the baby safely.

Regardless of whether children have nannies, babysitters or grandparents who can take care of the baby if the parents work all day, taking the child to daycare is entirely favorable to their growth and physical and mental learning. An optimal age can be 6 months or one year of age, when the child is more independent.

 TAGS:In any case, although sometimes there is no choice, it is advisable to take the baby to the nursery during the first weeks of life. In this case, you need to contact the parents and the mother's special care that no one else can replace.

It is recommended that the nursery is close to home or work, if the parents are going to spend all day away from home, and you will choose always references or knowledge of the center by parents, friends or relatives.

Parents determine the hours the child spends in nursery and adapt to the schedule set by the nursery. When choosing a facility, it is essential to talk to the directors of and make known our concerns and needs, with the baby present, for there to be a better understanding between the parties.

We must think that in such centers the child will spend much of the day, and caregivers who will be responsible, at the time of its formation at a crucial stage in the development of education of the child.

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