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How do I choose a footmuff for my baby?


Walk with our baby is one of our favorite activities. It's healthy for the child and parents. When the temperature drops we should not give up this healthy habit but we must protect our Baby from the cold. In autumn and winter it is essential to use a footmuff.

To correctly choose the footmuff for our baby, we must first pay attention to the item we use for our walk. If we use a stroller it will be interesting to choose a larger footmuff for the position of the legs.

Some manufacturers market their own strollers’ footmuffs to fit perfectly, but the truth is that you can buy the universal one without any problem. Just make sure there are openings for every safety harness before you buy it. You will avoid a lot of problems.

Another point to keep in mind to choose the footmuff is the size of the child. Taking this information into account when making the purchase, we will an annoying discomfort during these walks. The variable footmuff are a very good option, as the Eskimo Red Castle. It adapts to the growth of baby.

It is important to evaluate the type of material with which the bag is made. We find some with a waterproof and windproof outer. The interior is usually cotton or fleece for that the baby stays warm. Check that it is easily machined washable. Time is precious when you become parents, wash hand can take forever.

On the other hand, we must not forget to choose a design and color that we love, as if it were a warm garment. Different World Tuc Tuc footmuff is perfect for girls, for its internal floral prints. Another good option that is sure to delight children of the house is the Bear Nuvita JR. It has a friendly bear face which is nice, and the interior is very soft, as it is fleece.

Ready for a walk? Equip your child with the best footmuffs:

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