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How to achieve a sleeping routine of our baby?

 TAGS:Sleeping is as important as the alimentation for the baby. But it can be somehow difficult to teach a new born when sleeping time has arrived and that it has to rest. Many parents become desperate about the rejection of sleep from the side of the babies and they don't know how to solve the problem.

Establishing some guide lines for sleeping time is fundamental. The baby will start to distinguish between day and night and it will be easier for it to fall asleep. We have to keep in mind that any kind of routine will transmit security to our child because when feeling secure it will become aware of the fact that although it is sleeping, its parents will be there when it wakes up.

Establishing which routines are the most convenient ones, will be an individual task of each family. A good idea is trying and acting spontaneously until you have found out which rules are the most comfortable ones that also work out the most.

What might function is breast feeding or giving the baby bottle to the baby while the light is turned down and the room is filled with silence.  Therefore you should turn off the television and the radio. You can also change rooms, for example if during the day you use to feed your baby in the living room, you could try to feed it in your room at night before going to sleep.

Telling it a story just before it lies down in the crib is a good idea as well. In this way we will offer our baby a sleeping routine and also a motivation to develop an interest for literature as a  grown up. Talking in a calm voice is helpful as well. There are families that repeat the same song every evening before bringing the kid to bed.

The most important thing is transmitting serenity to the baby. Establishing a sleeping routine is not a task of one day. It will take us some time to make our baby used to sleeping when we want it to do that and for sure we will need patience. If you stay constant you will see that the results will be beneficial for the parents and the children.

And at last, I want to tell you a little trick for making the baby fall asleep: Place a clock next to the crib whose second hand is noisy enough to be heard by the baby. It will comfort it and it will be noticed in the quality of sleep. 

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