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How to choose a bath tub for your baby?

 TAGS:We parents know that the moment of having a bath is a special one. More than just being necessary for the hygiene, having a bath can convert itself into a ritual full of games and cuddling, with plenty of  stimulations. That's why choosing the right bath tub is so important to feel secure and to transmit that security to our baby as well.

We have to buy the bathtub before the arrival of the baby, in order to use it from the moment the newborn is separated from the umblical cord, normally. The first step before choosing it, is having a look at our place and thinking about where we want to bathe the baby. We need a secure place where we have space to leave the things we need (but we always have to keep in mind that the baby should never be left alone in the bath tub).

For sure you will find the perfect solution as there are a wide range of bath tubs on the market. Keep in mind that you will probably buy more bath tubs or  a bath tub and an adapter as the child is growing.

The bath tubs that are very small as the ones of Tummy Tub are ideal for newborns because they will feel protected. It's a good option as well for the parents because it's easier  to hold the baby and less water will be consumed. You only have to think about where to place it for making it stable.

If we don't have a bathroom that is big enough, we could use the space over the bidet by placing a plastic bath tub which has folding legs on it. In this way we can avoid pain in the shoulder and once bathed the baby, we can fold the legs so that it's not occupying too much space. It's better if the bath tub counts with a tube of drain to empty it without too much effort as the Thermobad of Bebejou.

Another option that might be useful if our place is small or if we travel a lot are foldable or inflatable bath tubs. As for example the Flexi-bath or a foldable bath tub for the washbasin as the PUJ. To save space we could buy a bath tub that adapts to a big bath tub. There are even some that have an incorporated changer so that we don't have to move for dressing the baby.

If you don't have a bath tub in your bathroom but just a shower and need to save space there are some interesting options as Bibabaño with an extendable bath tub that can be used by children of the age of 8 years or the Bathtub of Jané.

Be aware to check the components of the bath tub, check if there is any toxical material and follow the indications to guarantee a secure bathing.

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