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How to choose a pushchair?

 TAGS:Choosing a push chair is one of the most important decisions we have to take before our baby is born. The big variety of models and brands can result annoying but if we follow some basic rules everything will be easier. We shouldn't just think about our child, because although it is important, our health and comfort play a big role when buying a push chair.

A fundamental point we should keep in mind is our available budget, but we shouldn't panic because in the end we will find something adequate for sure, although we may have searched a little more.

From the beginning we have to decide if we want to buy a push chair that we will use until the baby will walk or we don't matter changing it later. We also have to think if we feel like having one with a basket or a seat of group 0 for the car. When we are using it from the birth on we should be sure that it is the right one to avoid injuries on the baby's shoulder.

If you feel like walking around the city with them, you can choose either classical and big push chairs with big wheels as the ones of Bebécar or smaller and handier models as the ones of Maclaren or Bugaboo. If you normally walk in the countryside, then you should consider pneumatical wheels and shock absorbers. The ones of TFK even have handbrakes as bicycles.

The wheels are an important part for sure. Choose the ones with more mobility, look at their size and in which way it is easier to block them. You should also keep in mind that they can puncture or fall off.

Try them in a shop (although in the end you will buy them online). It's the best way to check if pushing  is comfortable. The lighter it is, the more comfortable it will result, because the baby will grow and gain weight which has to be summed to the initial weight of the push chair. Check out the height of the handle bars to avoid future backpains. Some of them can be regulated.

Another important thing is how much space you have available at home as well as in the car or even in the elevator. Push chairs that can be folded as umbrellas don't occupy too much space but if you prefer a completer one, then it's not the best option. Think about space and where you will store it at home. It's also important that folding is easy (only with one hand) but also secure.

Once you have chosen your favourite model look for the best offers to save money because at the beginning the push chair makes up one of the biggest costs. If accessories as rain covers, feet covers and parasols are included, then it's even better.

Should we go for a walk? Today we recommend you the most sold push chairs:

 TAGS:Pushchair Yoyo Babyzen BluePushchair Yoyo Babyzen Blue

Pushchair Yoyo Babyzen Blue, a stylish model





 TAGS:Pushchair Club Be Cool LipstickPushchair Club Be Cool Lipstick

Pushchair Club Be Cool Lipstick, a complete option

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