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How to choose a toy for baby

 TAGS:To choose a toy for the baby may seem to be a difficult task. Since we’re aware of our pregnancy we look for ways to make to prepare everything for our baby and of course, the game will be a key part of his childhood and also a tool for his development.

We should wait a bit and not buy anything that seems appropriate. The first days of life our baby will not play, everything is new and he’ll have enough stimuli. He will only need contact with the parents, and play with the the sounds, the smells ... It's hard to resist the temptation to buy a plush blanket or dou-dou, but the baby will not be aware of it. Maybe a bit of company, but just remember to remove it when he sleeps.

In a few weeks our baby will start to set in his environment and we can buy a mobile or a toy that will be stuck on the stroller. The best are those with bright colors and hanging dolls.

Once he can grasp objects he will love the toys that make noise and that he can bite. There are a variety of toys of this kind on the market, we have to pick the one we like the most. We have to be careful with the age to which it is addressed and look if the product meets the European security standards.

Another good option is the teething toys. The keys are shaped like keys, animal and even mobile phone. These toys have a dual function, the game itself and the relief for the discomfort of the first teeth. The little kids will thank us. The bath can also be playful and fun if we put a few toys in the bathtub.

But we must not forget that the point of the game is a very good chance for the baby to develop their full potential and learn skills. We can even test sound toys in various languages.

So, choosing the right toy to give to our child is about choosing one for the appropriate age, safe and fun and it is, at the same time, educational. Still, surely there will come a time when your baby will play more with the label than with the toy itself.

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