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How to choose your baby stroller

 TAGS:Choosing a stroller is one of the most important decisions we have to make before the baby arrives. The wide variety of models and brands can be overwhelming but if we follow some basic tips everything will be easier. We should not think only about our baby, even if it’s the most important. You have to take into account your own health and comfort as well.

Since then, something fundamental to consider early on is our budget. But do not get overwhelmed, you will surely end up finding a model that fits to it even if we have to search a bit more.

To begin we must decide if we want a seat that will help us until the baby walk or if we do not mind to change it later. We also have to ask ourselves if we want to include carrycot or seat for Group 0. If you are going to use from birth we have to ensure that it is suitable for your baby's back.

If you want to walk around the city you can choose from classic style chairs with big wheels and wide as those of Bebecar, to smaller, more manageable models, which would include the well known Maclaren or bugaboo. If you love walking in the countryside the best models are equipped with pneumatic tires and shock absorbers, TFK also have brakes like bikes.

Wheels are an important part. Choose those with more mobility; look at the size and the form of blocking them. It must be easy.  Also keep in mind that they can get dirty.

Trying to test in a store (though ultimately buy online) is the best way to check if you are comfortable with it. Think that the lighter the better, the baby will grow and these kilos will be added to the initial weight of the chair. Look at the handlebar height to prevent back pain in the future. Some models are adjustable.

Another thing you should consider is the space you have at home and in the car and do not forget the elevator. The seats that you can close like umbrella won’t occupy much space but if you want a very complete car may not have this option. Measure the spaces well and think where you keep it when you're at home.

Once you have chosen the model that you like search and compare to save a few pounds since the seat will be one of the most important initial expenses. If the price includes accessories like rain bubbles, quilts, umbrellas, all the better.

Are you ready to choose? Today we recommend the best selling strollers:

 TAGS:Stroller Symbio Chili RedStroller Symbio Chili Red

Stroller Symbio Chili Red



 TAGS:Stroller Symbio MoonStroller Symbio Moon

Stroller Symbio Moon

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