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How to control the alimentation during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the periods in life with the most mental and physical changes during TAGS: which alimentation is highly important. You have to get prepared for the baby, right?

With the goal of not gaining too much weight, we have to watch out for our alimentation more than we usually do and if necessary consult a doctor. Many women during pregnancy ask an expert nutritionist for advice and some even have personal trainers that help them not to gain excessive weight in some areas of the body.

Actually that's not necessary. An alimentation rich in fibre, iron, calcium and vitamines contributes to a healthy diet in order that the baby can develop in a proper  way.

This diet has to go together with additional vitamines, as folic acid that will be prescribed from the gynaecologist or the familiy doctor. Fruits and vegetables are essential as well as lighter food.

Very heavy or spicy food could lead to disorders because pregnant women suffer from heartburns and common gastric reflux with vomits.

The most healthy diet is based on the consumption of soups, pasta, meat, grilled meat, turkey, some cheese and fruits. Meat has to be very well done because during pregnancy we should not eat raw meat if we have not already done the toxoplasmosis test that can affect the baby in a direct way.

During pregnancy it is more difficult to resist temptations (cakes, chocolate, whipped cream) and you will feel cravings and will like to try all kinds of things. You don't have to renounce  everything but avoid exagerating.

During the visits to the doctor you will be weighted and asked about your alimentation habits. If you don't reach an adequate weight, they might change your diet as well as if you gain too much weight in little time.

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