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How to measure my baby?

 TAGS:Whenever a child is born parents receive information about baby size and weight. But once you get home, how can you measure the evolution of your child? There are basically two ways :

The first option consists in measuring the evolution at home. The result that you will have won't be as precise as the measurements made by pediatricians but it's a satisfying way of controlling the general progression of your little one between two visits.

In order to measure your baby at home, you must find a flexible tape-measure (as those used for sewing) and measure the circumference of your baby's head by placing it above the eyebrows and ears. Then measure its length by laying your baby, stretch his legs and measure from his heels to the base of his head. Finally, weigh yourself carrying your baby and then weigh yourself alone to get your baby's weight. (It will be the difference between the two results.) These three steps will give you the information you need.

If you ask yourself why you need to measure the circumference of his little head, just remember that it will control that the size of his brain grows gradually.

The second option is to visit the pediatrician on a regular basis. He will be able to take more accurate measures and to make sure it is growing normally. When the doctor takes measurements of your little son or daughter, he does the three same steps you did at home.

The difference between your technique and his is the table that helps the doctor to determine if the physical development of your child is within expectations. This table works by inserting the figures obtained in the three stages of measurment and it yields a percentile. If your child is in the 80th percentile, it means that 80% of babies of the same gender weigh the same and 20% weigh more.

In the case of premature infants, the conclusions are likely to be a bit different, in general smaller than most babies but the most important is that your child is healthy and that you visit a doctor on a regular basis.

Did you just get your baby at home? Today we recommend a scale to weigh him yourself, and a good cradle :

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