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How to stop breast-feeding?

 TAGS:Breast-feeding is the best option to feed our baby but it is suggested not to do it for longer than six months although it can sometimes result quite complicated. When we stop breastfeeding our baby, many doubts arise and stopping it in an incorrect way can lead to problems.

The first thing to keep in mind is to think that it is a progressive process which has to be taken with calm. It is recommended to start reducing the times for breastfeeding already two months before. Start with substituting some of the daily doses with a feeding bottle (or with your own milk you have extracted).

Your baby might refuse a feeding bottle or the teats. If it is the case try with a small glass for training.  Don't forget to spoil your baby, for him/or her it is not only a change in alimentation but it also means to change a situation that produced security. That's why it has to be done little by little, otherwise the baby could feel abandoned.

Decrease the daily doses and leave the first one of the morning and the last one at night for the end. Many babies fall asleep during breastfeeding and we have to avoid breaking their daily sleeping rotine. Once it got used to the feeding bottle, it will be less difficult to adapt to new sleeping habits.

To stop breast feeding step by step is not only  an advantage for the baby. To stop breast-feeding in an abrupt way provokes infections of the breasts. The milk you produced which is in your breast could accumulate and get infected. This sickness is called mastitis and has to be treated with antibiotics. If you feel pain or have reddings in the breast zone and high fever (or feel a flue) you should go to the doctor urgently.

At the beginning it is hard and also uncomfortable. Some women feel better if they place some cold and then warm towelettes when milk is coming out. Others prefer to take a shower with tepid water. Just do the things you feel comfortable with and think that is just a question of time. You will produce less milk with the time and you will not feel uncomfortable anymore.

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