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Ideas for gifts for a baby

 TAGS:The birth of a baby is always a reason for happiness. As familiy members or friends we want to be part of that happiness and normally we express our joy about the birth with gifts. It's not always easy to find the right one and it happens that parents receive many similar gifts. Asking, being creative and looking around can help us saving a lot of money.

If you feel like gifting clothes or footwear for the baby, you should keep in mind that the mother or a close familiy member will already have bought the basic stuff for the stay in the hospital. But if you prefer to look for a kind of original body, which is always a good idea, you should think about the season  (in which the baby will be born). Choose cotton items and compare prices.

A good idea is to buy clothes for the time when the baby will be three or even 6 months old, this will help the parents, who will for sure have many clothes for the first day and less for a later stage. Always think about the season temperature when the baby will reach that age, for example it won't need a sweater in july.

The same occurs with teddy bears and toys. The newborn doesn't need to be surrounded by toys, it's not healthy and he will not pay attention to them. You can buy something for when he will have grown up a bit, something soft that they can bite. It's important that the toys fulfill the legal standards and that they are suitable for the age.

 Practical gifts are the best ones, most of all if they are original as well. There are some towels that you can wear around the neck like aprons and that keep your hands free and allow you to take your baby out of the bath tube and cover it. The material is of the best quality but they are a bit difficult to find and are not that cheap, the brand's name is Cuddle Dry. It's also possible to buy some lullabies (you can find them personalized) which is  always good to buy or another original idea could be dummy drains as the ones of Beaba.

But if you really want to be sure, gift nappies and baby towels. It could seem quite obvious but it is very necessary and parents will be thankful. You can choose between size 1 or 2. Dodot recommends packs of nappies or towels for the first month or the second or third month that you can buy on the internet. There are some companies that sell nappy cakes which are the perfect group gift.

Another option are creams and perfumes, it might be the case that they already have those products but they will use them for sure. Another thing they will use as well are thermometers. You can find them incorporated in the dummy and with infrareds, in addition to the traditional ones. The ones that work with infrareds are a good option because they permit measuring the temperature of the baby without awakening it.

Are you looking for different things? Here you will find two suggestions that could be a great gift:

 TAGS:Rider piggyRider piggy

Rider piggy, fun for the first months


 TAGS:Nappies size 1 2-5kg Dodot Sensitive 26 unitsNappies size 1 2-5kg Dodot Sensitive 26 units

Nappies size 1 2-5kg Dodot Sensitive 26 units, a gift the baby will always need

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