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Mosquito nets and covers: summer basics

 TAGS:With the summer the heat and the good times with family, the games in the pool or on the beach and the food nice and cool arrive. But mosquitoes come also... as sweat, that makes dirty our furniture and our baby uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is necessary for summer to be equipped with proper covers and mosquito nets that will make our trips more enjoyable.

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the countryside and sleeping with the window open to let in the wind for cooling down the house after days above 30ºC. This way you can certainly sleep better but, of course, mosquitoes and other bugs are most active at high temperatures. And there they come. A mosquito bite can untimely ruin a family vacation, and you know it.

The best solution to avoid bites is to buy a mosquito net that fits the baby stroller and crib. So we can be sure that no mosquitoes will be bothering our son during its sleep. Be very careful when choosing the mosquito net, choose one approved and safe and make it firmly fit. We don't want surprises.

If you plan to do a road trip or have a baby a long time in the baby stroller or Maxi-cosi then you should buy a cover that transpires so you can place it on the seat and it does not create much heat to your little one. This way you will avoid that he feels uncomfortable and you will for sure have a nice walk or trip.

Both covers and mosquito nets are indispensable during the summer. They will make our life more comfortable and easy, avoiding annoying problems and preserving our baby's health.

Moreover, none of the two will be a big expense, especially when you consider that they never use to get damaged and, in the case of the covers they have a dual function: transpiring and preserving so your baby will be always fresh and his stroller will remain like when it was new.

It may be a good choice to include a cover and a mosquito net in the list of birth because they are useful gifts, very practical, and for sure there will be someone who would like to buy one for us.

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