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Nursery decor: bedsheets

 TAGS:The crib is the centerpiece of our baby's room, as the decoration is always based on it. Choose the right bed sheets will help us create the atmosphere we want for giving our son a good rest. Find the best for your little one keeping an eye on fashion and the latest trends in nursery decor.

First thing to keep in mind is that a quality bedding is a safe value. It may not be as cheap but it is worth investing a few pounds to provide your baby the best rest. The soft tissues, cotton if possible, will make child's delicate skin is not irritated. They also tend to be much more durable than other fabrics.

Another aspect to consider when choosing crib clothes is safety. Here is where we leave the baby alone without constant supervision. So we have to be confident that there is no risk. Choose the right size of the sheets and the best comforters and protectors so they fit well the bars.

In recent years it has become fashionable to use sleeping bags. Personally, I think they are the best option. A protector sheet and bars will be sufficient if we put our children to sleep in a sleeping bag. Also, can we be sure that they will be unstopped and a slight freedom of movement allowed to rest safely. This way you will avoid buying many different sheets.

But if you want a more traditional room or you expect visitors who would like to see the baby's room, you have to choose pastel colours sheet sets with children's motifs. Look for those with fun colors if you are more daring and neutral colors if you want to purchase a crib set for a present.

Not to forget the quilts and blankets or even duvet covers for a little older children. There is a wide variety available for sale and will surely find something that suits what we plan for your baby's room. Choose colours that combine well with the colour of the crib and walls.

The cot linen is the perfect gift, you will never go wrong with it because later or earlier it will be used but if you're not sure you can opt for a sleeping bag or a blanket instead of the typical bedsheets.

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Sleeping bag Grobag Abecedario 0-6 months 25



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