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Persons you can leave your baby at

 - After 16 weeks of pregnancy permission you have to get back to work and leave the baby in  the hands of others. Many of us start to worry from the moment of pregnancy and although it seems far away, the moment will come. Finding a good solution will make us more secure from the time we will have to separate from our child.

Many parents refer to the grand parents, uncles or other close family members because they are not strangers and don't cost anything. Of course this is not always possible or at least not the whole day.

Apart from your family there are three other possibilities: Kindergartens, baby-minders or babysitters for home.

  •  To send your child to kindergarten since it is little is something very common and the majority seems prepared for it. What assures the quality is that the whole staff is qualified and the rooms and their security are controlled frequently. The child will be in contact with other kids and will have a lot of possibilities for playing that it does not have at home.

The most frequent problems we have with the kindergarten are the opening hours that are often limited (especially in public kindergartens) and finding a place in that one we like the most is difficult.

  • It is not that frequent to send your child to a baby-minder. It means that a qualified baby minder will look after your baby from home and you will pick it up from her. You will make a contract in which the obbligations and the relationship to your baby are mentioned.

The baby-minder offers a flexible service but please pay attention to the location, check if there is enough space and ask if other kids will be there as well. If you agree that your kid might travel in a car that is not yours, make sure it will have an appropriate car seat and decide how to act in case of an emergency.

  • And at last, there is still the babysitter that comes home. The biggest advantage of that is that the kid will not be taken out of its usual environment and you don't have to pick it up. The baby won't miss its belongings and the cradle. But it doesn't get in contact with children of its age and it is the most expensive option. Also finding the right person is time-consuming.

Observe how she treats your kid and tell her how to do things and the routine of the baby. To change nappies, the meals....A detail could be observing if she washes her hands after changing the nappies of the baby, exclude the ones who don't do it. Call at unusual hours or come personally to check if everything is alright.

Follow your instinct and ask for everything you want to know. Talk to other people and ask for their experience. Leaving your baby alone is difficult but it will be easier after a good decision with which you feel comfortable.

Are you prepared to separate from your baby? For the moment you will find two accessories that will make you feel sure when you are not at home:

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