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Portale tubs for babies: summer bath everywhere

 TAGS:Babies really enjoy bath time and specially during the summer months when we can offer to them some moments of play in safe water so they can cool down a bit without the risk of them getting a cold. If we want our son a bathtub also available in our travels and in our leisure time during the summer then we need a portable bath.

The queens are portable inflatable bathtubs. They occupy a very little space in your luggage and you can use them as bathtub at home or in a summer apartment as small swimming pool that will always be ready in a few minutes wherever we go. There are many types and they are usually quite economic. It is easy to find one for less than 25 €.

If you want an inflatable tub you can choose a model of well-known brands such as Jané which will give you more confidence and which, by the way, has an ideal size. You can also go for a more innovative and funnier design to facilitate your babies water games and stimulate his imagination.

Another good option if you travel this holiday are foldable bathtubs. Its design is very nice and original and they offer a more stable space for baby than the inflatable ones. For example, Boon Naked tub is perfect because it adapts to the growth of your child and it even comes with a drain to remove water which also makes its cleaning much easier. It is also available in various colours for you to choose the one you like best.

The collapsible baths are usually more expensive but also more durable. They are a good choice for the bath at home and also for the holidays. We can also find removable tubs, with structure to prevent water leak and a inflatable contour to make babies more comfortable while using them.

Portable bathtubs are a good choice for a holiday or to enjoy the countryside in summer, a time in which they are almost indispensable. But they are also a more than acceptable choice for small apartments or second homes especially if there is no bathtub but shower. You can keep them almost anywhere and they are very hygienic. All advantages.

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Bathtub bebé Hinchable



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Bathtub Tummy Tub

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