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Pregnancy books, the first aid

 TAGS:The pregnancy books are allies for young mothers who want to learn in depth the process of change experienced by the body. It is important to know the evolution their unborn child in the womb and the type care they need at every stage of their growth.

In this kind of books you will find options that will allow you to end the long wait for a mother and her eagerness to finally touch her child. They will help you learn fun facts such as what age a fetus can hear sounds from the outside world to start talking and create a bond with your child.

The use of books for pregnant women helps them understand the physical changes they experience in their bodies throughout the process of pregnancy. This allows a better understanding of the hormonal changes.

There are even books that will help you to choose the type of delivery, making clear what options are available to you, their advantages and disadvantages. You will have the freedom to choose what is best for you and your baby.

Besides this kind of books, there are others dedicated to babies’ first readings, sounds, buttons, and color drawings to illustrate interesting stories and make the process much more enjoyable and entertaining for children playing.

Among these, we recommend 2 today:

 TAGS:Book A Day with Lotta Fabric HabaBook A Day with Lotta Fabric Haba

Book A Day with Lotta Fabric Haba



 TAGS:Fabric Book Bootstrap HabaFabric Book Bootstrap Haba

Fabric Book Bootstrap Haba

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