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Preparing the Room


From the moment that parents know they are pregnant will dream of how their baby's room will be. It's something that, although some mothers want to organize it from the beginning, is best done during the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

It's at this time when we know for sure if we expect a boy or a girl, and we can choose better the colors, furniture and accessories. It's advisable not to leave it for the end, because moms are heavy and with little desire to work.

Preparing the nest or room is one of the symptoms that accompany pregnancy. The maternal hormones soar and they feel a great desire to clean the house and prepare everything for the baby's arrival in order to be comfortable.

Currently, rooms' wall colors are usually neutral: green, lilac, yellow or white, with drawings. While some parents prefer the traditional blue (if male) and pink (if female).

We should choose the place for the baby's room, which, depending on how the house is, is always better not be too far. For this nest, we will buy a crib (usually wooden) in brown, white... and its accessories. It¡s also preferable to have a changing table, where we'll change the baby comfortably, and a small closet to store the clothes.

It's good to place shelves to put in them stuffed animals, photos and other children's objects that surely we will receive as gifts and leave the room as empty as possible if it's necessary to keep the stroller. Later you may need to put in a playing table.

The infantile motifs to decorate the room are usually colorful, but we must not to over ornate it too much, or the baby may become a bit overwhelmed. The lamps in the cradle are other star accessories, since they serve to make the baby sleep more peacefully.

Photo: Magpie372

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