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Pushchairs that adapt to the baby

 TAGS:It is one of the first things we have to buy before the baby's birth and apart from the crib, the most important one.

The pushchair is the transport item during a long time and therefore before buying we should consider some important facts. We can ask specialists of the sector for advice or already experienced parents that can tell us about their experiences.

A push chair has to be complete, which means that it should have a carrycot for the first months of the baby, the back of the chair or the car seat with the necessary reglementation to protect our baby.

Possibly the pushchair has to be light and occupy less space. Nowadays there are really light ones and we have to be conscient about the fact that we will carry it across long distances.

As mentioned before, it shouldn't be too big, because it should fit in tiny rooms, cars, elevators,...on the other hand ergonomy has become important nowadays and there are push chairs that adapt perfectly to the baby's body since its birth with different positions to make it feel comfortable if it feels like sleeping or it wants to stroll around and see the landscape..

A big majority already has incorporated gadgets, as rain covers, belts, protection, etc.. But of course the most important thing is the comfort of the baby. If we are not too sure about that, our pediatrician or gynaecologist can advice us on the best position of the baby in the push chair.

Each person can choose the colour. Light colours get dirty easier although they can normally be washed in washing machines.

Do you want us to recommend you some push chairs? These are the favourite ones of Babibum:

 TAGS:Simba Cobalt BlueSimba Cobalt Blue

Simba Cobalt Blue, comfortable and light




 TAGS:Simba Navy BlueSimba Navy Blue

Simba Navy Blue, a good option for longer walks

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