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Taking care after birth


Every woman is different, the same way that every pregnancy and childbirth. Some just don't get fat during the nine months and others see how their body has changed. After birth, the body is a bit sore and needs extreme care to, little by little, be the same as before soon.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, it must always be hydrated and maintained in order to take care of the nipples and cracks don't appear. There are some creams which avoid this, usually recommended at the hospital.

The days after our discharge from the health center we tend to be somewhat weak. We lose blood during the quarantine, so it's necessary to take some iron (provided by prescription) and the vitamins that you were using in pregnancy.

Eat fruits and vegetables, and products bearing iron. No need to change your diet (unless your doctor tells us) but add products that are rich in calcium. Fruit juices, milk and plenty of water will be absolutely essential to take daily. Think you're feeding your baby, and he deserves the best.

The body needs a total hydration because usually dries after childbirth. Get the postpartum special creams and see how the skin will be smooth again. Moreover, you can start exercising, but slowly. Kegel or pelvic floor exercises are easy and don't require too much effort. They will help us balancing the vaginal and lumbar area.

You may still have swollen feet and hands. Don't worry, in a few days the swelling will disappear and they will again be as before. But it is worth making exfoliations and use creams needed for these areas of the body that end the fluid retention.

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