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Teethers, the ideal complement when the gums hurt

 TAGS:When your baby reaches the first 4 months of life he begins to have his first baby teeth, this can last up to 3 years old. To facilitate this process teethers are a great partner to help teeth to pierce the gum faster and soothe the pain of your baby. They usually contain refrigerating gel to cool and relieve irritated gums even more.

The first teeth that erupt are usually the two front teeth. When the first teeth appear, the baby will drool and try to bite more things to scratch and relieve discomfort and at this time the acquisition of teethers can facilitate this transition, for both children and parents.

There are numerous models on the market and we recommend some of the most popular for you to compare and make your choice:

 TAGS:Fisher-Price Trio Teethers, united by a ring filled with gel, three different delicate and charming figures, a relief for your baby's gums.

Chicco Teether fresh Relax, as its name suggests, this teether will allow your baby, he will enjoy its textures and stars shape and will give you the relaxation he needs. It contains sterile water to keep the gum cold after being taken to the refrigerator, relieving the pain.

Teether First teeht Saro, made from silicone and designed to relieve sore gums due to teething, has a lid to keep grip and protected the bite and germ free. Available in fun colours.

Suavinex Ring Teether: This innovative and colourful ring-shaped teether can be refrigerated for cooling the water contained inside and relieve baby's gums, the plastic is non-toxic, resistant and PVC free.

 TAGS:Teether Musical SuavinexTeether Musical Suavinex

Teether Musical Suavinex



 TAGS:Teether nuby bug-a-loopTeether nuby bug-a-loop

Teether nuby bug-a-loop

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