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The 10 best solid foods to start with

 TAGS:From 6 to 8 months old your baby can start eating pureed or creamy food to gradually start the solid diet. Between 8 and 10 months old you can begin to add small pieces of food to finish the transition to solid food 2 or 4 months later. (1 year old). But remember that you're the only one who can decide when to start that transition. Breast feeding may last longer as it provides unique benefits to the baby.

Do you know what are the 10 best food for your baby? Today we show you the top 5:

1-Pumpkin: pumpkin is rich in vitamins A and C and is the parent's favorite food to initiate the transition to solid food. It can be served baked, mashed, as a cream, soup or mixed with diced boiled pumpkin to eat with their own little hands.. Its creamy texture is perfect to begin.

2 - Lentils: These are rich in protein and iron. It can be served cooked and mixed with vegetables or rice and as a mush.

3-Mandarins: Source of vitamin C, is an ideal food for your baby. You can peel it, separate its wedges for your baby and give it to him. He will eat it slowly to cool off on hot days.

4-Chickpeas: These grains rich in fiber and protein have a mild flavor and can be prepared in different ways. In porridge or mashed with a little bit of olive oil and sesame butter.

5-Green leaf vegetables: Some of them are Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, watercress and spinach. You can serve them sauté with butter, mixed with vegetables or gratin. Their contributions in iron will be very beneficial for his little body.

Beginning with solid food? Then check out our recommendations today:

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