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The 10 best solid foods to start with (and II)

 TAGS:In the previous article we shown you 5 of the 10 most recommended foods for your baby in order to gradually begin the transition from the liquid diet to solid foods from 6 to 8 months old. Here at the 5 others:

6 - Broccoli: Known by children as "green trees", it is one of the richest foods with calcium and fiber. You can prepare and serve them boiled and drizzled with a little olive oil.  

7 - Prunes: Another ally rich in fiber that will help your baby to prevent constipation and stomach pain. You can serve them soaked and mixed with other fruits to enjoy their soft textures.

8 - Beef: Some mothers think that is a very heavy food for his little stomach, but is actually rich in iron and zing, and can be eaten mixed from seven months along with other vegetables.

9 - Blueberries: They capture the attention of babies immediately by its blue color. Wild fruits are very beneficial for the eyes, urinary tract, and brain. Serve 1 cold cup after cooking these with 1 cup of water in the microwave.

10 - Avocado: Rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fats or good fats like those found in breast milk, you can give your baby mashed avocado, leaving small pieces to feel its texture and accompanied by bread snacks.

Some mothers wonder what foods best is suited for this transition. The best way to select is to choose varieties of flavors for your baby. He will get used to them from an early age and receive the nutrients needed for proper growth and nutrition.

These foods mentioned may serve as a guide to start, but the idea is to wait three days to introduce new food to his diet, in order to be sure your baby doesn’t have allergic reactions. The options are numerous and you can test them one by one.

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