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The advantages of the cradles


 Are you just about to meet your baby? You are probably already well advanced in the stage of pregnancy and therefore you think about buying a cradle for the newborn. The ideal is to buy a crib for the baby's room -you can use it for several months or years- and also have a cradle.

The cradle is one of the best tools in children's furniture. They are very practical because they take little space and can be installed in the same room with parents in order to be near the child during the first months of life.

In addition, most of the cradles or bassinets have wheels, so they are easily transportable anywhere in the house: the dining room, to the parents ‘room... and at any time, as the movement makes baby fall asleep more easily.

Being small in size, but enough for the baby to have room in their first months of life, the child feels really protected because it needs to be in contact with something that reminds the mother's womb.

Another advantage is that it is folding, leaving more space in the room for the parents if it is too large. The new cradles always include mattress that are of high quality polyurethane ventilation and even carry removable padded quilts and pillow. Then we have to acquire Nordic, sheets, blankets and other accessories for the well-being of the baby.

These cradles are usually small and this makes it easier for parents to bottle-feed the baby directly in it, in case you prefer it. Beech wood, natural wood color, white ... they are perfect for the rest of your baby.

Need some recommendation? Today we present:


 TAGS:Hammock Cocoonababy Baby EmporiumHammock Cocoonababy Baby Emporium

Hammock Cocoonababy Baby Emporium



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Metallic Cradle CLIC PRAIA Pistachio

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